Fèis Farr

Raghnaid Sandilands | 01808 521 341 | raghnaid@icloud.com | https://www.facebook.com/F%C3%A8is-Farr-292525157438915 Chaidh Fèis Farr a stèidheachadh ann an 1991 gus cothrom a thoirt do chloinn agus an cuid theaghlaichean a bhith an lùib ceòl traidiseanta agus a’ Ghàidhlig anns a’ choimhearsnachd aca fhèin.  Fèis Farr was established in 1991 to give children and families in and […]

Fèis Eige

Nan Fee | nanfee@gmail.com | https://feiseige.wordpress.com The Feis offers intensive tuition in small groups with experienced tutors in subjects such as – button key accordion, fiddle, tin-whistle, guitar, percussion and ceilidh dancing. Please enquire for a full list of what is available this year. Starting on the Wednesday afternoon, we offer two and a half […]

Fèis an Earraich

www.feisanearraich.scot | fios@feisanearraich.scot Fèis an Earraich was established in 1989, the third of its kind in Scotland. It followed the model of Fèis Bharraigh on the Isle of Barra, which was originally established to teach children about their local traditions, music, language and culture. There are Fèisean all over Scotland today, with their focus on teaching […]