Step Up Fund for Artists

Apply to the ‘Step Up Fund for Artists’, which provides financial support and a broader package of benefits for projects of up to ten upcoming artists via Amazon Music. The fund aims to boost the development of talented artists, acknowledging the financial and structural challenges they face at this particular stage of their careers. Making […]

Open Fund for Individuals

The Open Fund for Individuals is one of Creative Scotland’s key funding programmes, supporting the wide range of activity initiated by artists, writers, producers and other creative practitioners in Scotland. The overall budget for this fund in the financial year 2021/22 is £5 million. The Open Fund will support a period of research, development and/or delivery of […]

The Touring Network | The Touring Network supports those who enable professional performing arts events throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  We work with about 90 promoters who operate from small and very small venues across the region.  84% of our promoters are volunteers.  100% of their programming brings events of the highest quality reaching […]